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  • Transformation through Structural and Emotional release


About Phill

Phill is driven by a desire to empower people to reach deep within and connect to their true self. Here is where the answers lie, the magic and ultimate truth of the existence of Source, of infinite potential.

About Soul Body Integration

SBI has been developed over more than thirty years of clinical practice. It has its roots mainly in osteopathic medicine, but also in the principles of acupuncture, psychosynthesis psychology and journeywork. It has taken components from hypnosis, visualisation, meditation, the presence process and other forms of healing such as chi gung and various forms of bodywork including Rolfing, Hellerwork, Thai bodywork and others.

SBI is based on the premise that beyond physical anatomy and physiology, the body is comprised of a matrix, an interconnected network through which the life force moves. Wellbeing is primarily affected by feelings. Feelings are designed to be fully embraced and felt when they naturally arise. Much of the time, feelings are supressed and become stored emotional charge. This charge commonly becomes body tension through contraction of tissues including muscles and fascia. Throughout the course of a person’s life, suppressed emotional charge accumulates and builds up in intensity and can lead to chronic illness as tensions around nerves, in particular the autonomic nerves, which control organs such as the heart and bowels, are disturbed.

A chronic situation of stored tension is often supported by ‘patterns’ within the psyche. Patterns are usually driven by non-serving beliefs. These non-serving beliefs create perpetual negative thought patterns, which lead to uncomfortable feelings. The uncomfortable feelings create more bodily tension and a perpetual cycle is created.

SBI is a way to break into the cycle by creating a safe space where the individual can explore feelings that are most often held in the unconscious field. The feelings are more likely to come up as the body is systematically explored and probed in a particular way. Meridian and chakra points have extremely well documented associations with various kinds of emotions and psychological aspects of being. Traumas are held often in specific parts of the body.

The object of SBI is to open the psyche to enable emotional energy to come to the surface. Feelings are always felt somewhere in the body. Where a feeling is associated with a tense part of the body, that area is supported in various ways to release.

As feelings come up and begin to move, an enquiry begins as to what other feeling might be inside. A journey begins through the layers of feelings. Certain feelings are persistent and are perpetuated by non-serving beliefs which can be identified and through specific processes, can be changed right here. The specific impact of SBI is the resolution and integration of emotional charge, thought repatterning, and finally reducing the associated bodily constrictions fully associated with negative thought patterns. It is the combination of precise physical and exact mental emotional change that has a powerful synergistic impact on the individual, and makes SBI unique.

Transformation through Structural

and Emotional release

Soul Body Integration, transformation through structural and emotional release, is a short description of the history and development of SBI. It gives several examples of actual processes which individuals underwent and outlines how and why it works.

Based on models of osteopathic medicine, acupuncture meridians and reflexology, psychosynthesis psychology as well as a multitude of other healing modalities including holotropic breathwork, journeywork, matrix energetics, Feldenkreis, yoga, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral, and others too, SBI is a completely intuitive approach to transformation.

SBI is soon to be available as an ebook, downloadable from this website.


‘One bodywork session with Phill was powerful enough to create a shift in my physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Our session focused on cutting through layers, from my physical to my subtle body, by first identifying areas that carried tension. Phill worked on my body in a way that released the tension, which brought up some unexpected emotions. By examining these emotions he helped me identify underlying beliefs that have held me back from living fully. He helped me embrace my sadness and release it with compassion, and from this place I was able to access my divinity. I see now that my higher self has been guiding me by way of this ‘body wisdom,’ which is always available to each of us. My session with Phill was the gateway to the extraordinary life I’ve been waiting to create’.

Darcy Austin

“I highly recommend Phill’s work, he is an exceptional therapist. You’ll rarely come across someone who combines such broad knowledge and experience from different fields.”

Kat Anam

“I’m really thankful for today’s session and I want to recommend your powerful healing work that goes deep unblocking emotional and mental patterns that are ingrained in the body so as to experience freedom and integration of mind body and spirit. Thanks for the magic.”

Nicole Hadad

“Five star treatment. I thought I went deep! Phil is masterful at his craft. He wields powerful adjustments while calling in potent emotional processing. He uncovered emotions stored in the body I had long since thought were completely processed and healed. It was a cathartic release of blockages that made way for a sense of coming home….. a deep peaceful contentment and felt sense of emotional release. My body, mind and spirit now feel more in alignment with my highest potential and purpose. Thank you kindly dear brother for your skilful presence. I highly recommend this man…. He is a true healer.”


“Phill Hunt gave me his Soul Body Work treatment, which took me to places I have not been able to access any other way. As an Osteopath, he knows the body, but he is much more than that. He’s a shaman and his approach to releasing trauma is profound. Do yourself a favor and receive from this gifted healer. I feel more open and whole then I have in a very long time. Thank you Phil!”

Mia Pearl Leighty

“I wish to give an acknowledgement of deep gratitude to Phill Hunt. Phill is the most gifted bodyworker who has ever laid hands on me. His extraordinary skill, knowledge, and experience combined with his brilliant sensitive/intuitive touch and presence results in him holding a very special gift that is incredibly powerful and second to none. And he uses it wisely in the direction of truth and healing, with great generosity too.I recommend anyone seeking osteopathic or other types of bodywork to get in touch with Phill in London. It is worth traveling a distance to see him, he’s truly remarkable.Thank you, Phill for the amazing gifts you have given me and continue to give the world.”

Randy Ralston

“Still feeling blown away by the amazing intuitive bodywork session I had yesterday with Phill Hunt. Trained in osteopathy, Phill has developed his own mind/body therapy called Somapsyche. It was truly one of the deepest treatments I have ever experienced – a kind of meditation and enquiry on the body. I didn’t go with a specific ailment or concern, more in a spirit of curiousity, but something really big came up for me emotionally and I had the opportunity to release it in the hands of a highly skillful, competent and ‘tuned-in’ practitioner. I am truly in awe.”

Gayatri Beegan

“As a full time GP I have referred many of my patients to Phill – all have been very grateful for his help with regards to their medical problems. I have had treatment myself and find him kind, gentle, competent and very professional.”

Dr. G Peters, Peterborough

“Phill has considerable insight into human suffering. He communicates this through his awareness that the patient needs to be understood as a whole person. He is a professional, dedicated to his healing work.”

V.A Turner, Peterborough

“After suffering from chronic lower back and pelvic pain for years, I had seen many other therapists with no real results. Phill got to the root of the problem and my pain has improved immensely. Thank you!”

Maria, Cambridge

“I have found Mr Hunt to be extremely professional, having a wealth of experience. I have gained much useful advice in relation to holistic health and nutrition, which I have eagerly implemented into my lifestyle. I have recommended Mr Hunt to friends with excellent results and have no hesitation in recommending him again.”

S.E.L Parsons, Peterborough

“Phill has an incredible gift for his patients: He always finds the words that have the power to unlock the door. He has brought powerful transformation into my life, I feel I have shed layers of old conditioning and unhelpful patterns. I am finally the real me, the one that has been hiding under those layers all these years and it feels wonderful.

After the sessions, I leave feeling pain-free, light, relaxed, smiling all the way back home. Phill’s approach is holistic-he treats all parts of you, the muscular and skeletal system as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual you. He has helped me to look deep into myself and to find the shadow parts of me that I never thought could exist. ”

Federica, Brighton

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